Marie Pavlou is a member of the HR Association in Cyprus and the Transformation Coach Directory. She has a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior, she is a certified Masters Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. She loves working with women at all levels and has experience in HR, Training and People Management for approximately a decade. She combines People Management practices, Coaching and NLP Techniques in order to maximize the potentials of her clients and to reach their personal and professional goals.

Marie provides career and women empowerment coaching services.

Marie works closely with women and she guides them through the process based on their personal and professional needs. She is trying to create a world to empower individuals especially women and to help them to use their potentials in a personal and professional level.

Marie’s individual coaching programmes :

Career Coaching
Stress and Anxiety
Depression Breakthrough and Happiness
Women Entrepreneurship

A message from Marie: ” You can do whatever you can dream! You just need to take action now!

I am here to guide you and to help you unlock your Greatness! “


Believe in  yourself

Years before, I was thinking about my career progress and my personal development!

Since I was a kid, I was dreaming of becoming a French teacher. However, after my studies, I realized that my profession was saturated in my Country.

I was one of the victims of the low salary range and I was seriously thinking to make a career change. Nobody could help me! That was when I decided to visit a professional career advisor to give me some ideas. He suggested me to start a new Master Degree in UK. That time, I didn’t have the funds to follow my dream and then I decided to follow my own strategy.

I became a successful HR Manager and Career Coach after I finished my Master Degree in HR Management and Organizational Behavior, known as HR & Recruitment Manager in different Companies.

Working closely with different kind of personalities I decided to become NLP Practitioner and Life Coach in order to understand each individual better and to guide them through the process of their personal and professional goals.

I love working with women as I can really understand their thoughts and concerns.

My personal message to women “You are your thoughts, and your dreams. Your strength is your knowledge. You self-esteem is the person you hide inside of you” .

For me everything happened so fast! I didn’t have free time to spend with friends and family as I was working a lot of hours during the day. However, it’s a pleasure for me to spend my time in a daily basis guiding individuals and helping them unlock their greatness.

‘You can do whatever you can dream! You just need to take action now!

I am here to guide you and to help you unlock your Greatness! Just remember:

“Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I am possible”.


• Self-confidence • Career Coaching • Stress and Anxiety  • Depression Breakthrough • Happiness