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The HR Leaders of 2019

You become a Human Resource Leader when you have an extensive experience in HR Generalist positions, HR Business Partner, Talent Acquisition Specialist and HR Management. You do not become a HR Leader from the first day of your work experience neither from the first year. You need to pass from difficult situations, to solve business issues, to face unethical issues from the Company but also from employees, to hire difficult positions, to create work permits, to prepare policies and procedures that the Company will never follow, to fire a father of 4 and a single mother, and more.


Life satisfaction + Life satisfaction scorecard -Free Download

Are you looking for self-satisfaction and fulfillment in life? Would you like to find your true purpose? Having a purpose makes it easier to achieve what you want. Because when you have a clear vision and purpose you will radiate positive energy that will attract people, resources, and opportunities that will help you achieve what […]

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How to develop your Public Speaking skills – for Beginners

Knowing how to give a talk in front of a crowd is one of the characteristics of great leaders.
Few years back, I was curious to learn how these leaders express themselves so clearly and precise and eventually how they managed to convince their audience.
I asked my coaches to help me on that and I decided to write this article in order to help beginners to master this skill.