Organizations today face many challenges; people management, hard to engage talented professionals for new job opportunities, non-effective collaboration/ communication, micromanagement, agility and innovation pressures. The traditional HR practices don’t deliver any more.


My experience in large Organizations in multiple sectors and different countries enable me to assess the functionality of HR in your Organization and to create new strategies based on your vision and mission.

Modern HR approach will give you guidelines and new processes based on your business needs.


Here are some recent projects:

  • Review the HR and Operations functionality of the Organization and give recommendations for change
  • Understand the challenges and obstacles employees face in the Organization and give some ideas for improvement to the Board of Directors
  • Creation of employee handbook and internal processes
  • Start-up Chaos: Identify the gaps and find solutions in order to work effectively and deliver faster
  • Effective 1on1 meetings
  • Headhunting
  • Creation of  HR & Recruitment Strategy
  • Evaluation process
  • Employer Branding


In-house workshops:

  • How leaders give constructive feedback
  • Train HR and Management Team
  • Employee Evaluation process
  • Design an effective Recruitment and Talent Acquisition strategy
  • Marketing & HR approach
  • Start-up Chaos


Feel free to contact me in order to discuss about your business challenges