Depression Breakthrough and Happiness Programme

This programme is an actionale guide to overcome depression and to become happy in your life.

Throughout this programme, you will discover:

  • Practical guidance for quickly breaking patterns of depression
  • Essential Information about why people become depressed
  • How to identify and change negative response patterns
  • Insights into what depression is and why it’s on the increase
  • Steps and strategies for beating depression
  • How to control negative thoughts and manage your emotions
  • Identify your true desires, not limited by external influences and negative programming
  • Release limiting beliefs, patterns and habits that hold you back
  • Develop a success identity that helps you live an alignement with who you really are
  • Learn emotional control and how to stop living a negative memories from the past and worrying about the future so you can experience happiness right now
  • Take your power back with emotional self-control so you can feel good now, no matter what is going on around you
  • and much more

This programme has been designed to give you practical, easy to understand information that you can immediately use and start moving forward with your life.

10 hours programme (10 sessions of 60 minutes)

Total Price: 300 EUR (prepaid once with 10% discount, or paid by 3 installements or prepaid each session)

Contact the Coach for more information.