How to advance your career

career advancement

Everyone wants to advance in his personal and professional life. But few people really know how to make their own advancement happen.


Career development is not very complex but we cannot say that it is easy to accomplish. On the contrary, it requires a tremendous amount of discipline to be able to maximize the resources available to you, e.g. your time, money, and energy.


However, once you have mastered the skill of using what you have to the fullest, you will be on your way to personal growth and career advancement.


Below I have listed few tips  you can follow for career development:


#1 – Read extensively. In many fields, reading is one of the best things you can do to educate yourself.


We live in a rapidly changing world, one book a year is not enough. If you expect to develop as a person, you need to do your own study and research.

A large number of self-development professionals say that anyone who aspires to be a leader in their industry must read for at least thirty minutes a day. After all, they say that reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body.


By keeping your mind sharp and being up-to-date about the developments in your field, you will have an advantage over those who simply do not bother.


#2 – Provide what is required. Whether you work for a Company or you have your own business, a fundamental principle is to give your customers what they want.


On the other hand, if you are an employee, “giving the customers what they want” is really giving your boss what he wants, in terms of work productivity.

Always try to find out what is expected of you, and what people want to receive from you. As a business owner, this will mean conducting market research. As an employee, this will mean making a study of your company and finding the area where your unique skills are certain to have an effect.


#3 – Go the extra mile. Napoleon Hill, advised everyone to “go the extra mile” in everything that they do.


According to Napoleon Hill, when you spend an hour doing something you don’t have to do for the benefit of someone else, that one hour can be worth more than the rest of your day.


Never expect anyone to tell you what to do! Create a list with your own tasks and think outside the box.


You don’t have to search for the power anywhere, only inside of you! Remember though, one step at a time!


#4 – Search for a mentor.

Connect with people who have the experience in your field. Talk to them and discuss about your concerns and your dreams. Ask them to give you some ideas and advice in order to be able to proceed in your career.




#5 – Join a professional Association.

Joining an association will help you to network with people in your field. Attend events and seminars and feel free to discuss about some issues you faced so far and try to receive a feedback or ideas.


You have the Power in YOU!


I am here to guide you through the process of your career development!


Your friend and coach,


Marie Pavlou

“Unlock Your Greatness”




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