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Are you enthusiastic, , inspired, relaxed and happy at work, but some of your colleagues don’t really like it and they criticize you?

Unfortunately, many people think that a happy colleague would appear “Strong” and “very loud”. Also, they assume that when an individual looks happy, he will be satisfied with the status quo and therefore he will lack motivation to excel in the workplace or to go to the extra mile.


Do you think that a relaxed, positive and happy person is necessarily lacking in motivation?

Personally, I think that It doesn’t make sense! In reality, happy people are always the ones who love what they do. As per some studies people who love what they do are self- motivated and they are trying to improve themselves and their performance at work. They are not only good listeners but also quick learners.Moreover, almost all of them are highly creative, charismatic, easy-going people and very good team players.


On the other hand, if we consider unhappy people, we find that they often held back by their own misery or stress, which often distract them from success. Sad and stressed people don’t like socializing and they hate teamwork or team-building activities.  Those people are very self-centered and preoccupied with their own issues and they don’t really like to share their time with anyone.

Unhappy people often feel like “victims” in their environment and especially at work. In addition, It’s difficult for them to find solutions as they always blame others.  Except of that, they are usually poor team players because they are often self-centered and preoccupied with their own issues. They are defensive and almost always poor listeners.

Being positive and happy at work it’s an advantage for your personal and professional life. Just be happy and natural with a positive mindset. You will then feel inspired, more creative and goal oriented. This habit will give you the ability to find solutions and opportunities in challenging and difficult situations. 


In my mindfulness workshop I invest a lot of time with my clients in happiness and positive mindset chapters because it makes your life easier. Dare to be happy and your life will begin to change immediately. Your personal and professional life will feel like an extraordinary adventure.


I believe in YOU!


Marie Pavlou


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