Stress and Anxiety Management Programme

A comprehensive stress management programme for lowering stress and rapidly reducing anxiety.

Stress is constant in our lives. The pressure to meet our deadlines, at home, at work and even with friends and family. Stress can be found evereywhere and often hits us at times when we least expect it!

Stress plays a massive role and is one of the primarily reasons why people take long periods of time off work. But while we cannot avoid life’s pressures, we can influence the extent of which pressures affect us and also how we react to them.

By the end of this programme you will know how to:

  • Develop a state of Deep Inner Resilence
  • Deal with main causes of stress in your life
  • Become clear about who you are and what your priorities are
  • Manage common stressors with confidence
  • Handle stressful situations in a calm and more responsible manner
  • Eliminate stress before it becomes a serious problem in your future
  • and much more.

10 hours programme (4 sessions x 60 minutes, 4 sessions x 90 minutes)

Total Price: 300 EUR (prepaid once with 10% discount, or paid by 3 installements, or prepaid each session)

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