The HR Leaders of 2019

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You become a Human Resource Leader when you have an extensive experience in HR Generalist positions, HR Business Partner, Talent Acquisition Specialist and HR Management. You do not become a HR Leader from the first day of your work experience neither from the first year. You need to pass from difficult situations, to solve business issues, to face unethical issues from the Company but also from employees, to hire difficult positions, to create work permits, to prepare policies and procedures that the Company will never follow, to fire a father of 4 and a single mother, and more. A Human Resource Leader is a person with experience, a person with the ability to face and issues and problems, a trusted human being able to show empathy to others but also to keep the business in a profitable level.  


Below you can find a list with the focus areas of HR Leaders in 2019:  

Organizational adaptation

  • We live in times of the technology evolvement and artificial intelligence. HR leaders need to be ready to add digital processes in Organizations.
  • You need to expect consequences from the business growth and to be able to deal with obstacles and challenges
  • Prepare employees to get ready for changes. Technology is evolving, HR is developing and the growth of a Company depends on the productivity of its assets (people). Boost the morale of employees, drive efficiency and eliminate gaps. Prepare processes and procedures for the Organizational readiness.

Integrate Technology in HR practices Data is an important part of HR practices. In order to be more efficient and to keep track implement new technology practices and train line managers to approve their decisions through technology.

  • Create online system for absence management, Management Bonus, Monthly bonus, evaluations, etc.
  • Create Team News to add any updates about your services, your employees’ achievements and your new staff. This is an idea to boost the interaction in your Organization.

Talent Acquisition & Development

  • Hire the best talent
  • Design a strong employer branding strategy and differentiate by attracting the best talents.
  • Talent Mapping
  • Equip your employees for future opportunities – Develop a Performance management system, Succession planning for important and critical positions
  • Support Technology in Learning & Development

Employee Retention

  • Reduce administration work
  • Identify the needs of your people and create benefit packages
  • Keep your Employer Branding strategy in a high level and differentiate from the Competitors
  • Implement Training & Development programs to your employees
  • Create an authentic culture. Do not imitate other Companies, create your own culture
  • Empathy – Listen to your people.
  • Appreciate the effort of your employees and recognize their accomplishments.

(We have more strategies, but we mentioned few of them above)

Communicate the new practices to your employees and train them in practice not in theory. Do not send presentations or webinars; just take 30 minutes per week to explain the objectives of the new processes.  


You are a Human Resource Leader, and you lead the Organizational Effectiveness. You can make it happen. Be careful though, take a step at a time, and do not overwhelm your people!  


Marie Pavlou is a Human Resources Consultant with experience for approximately 10 years in Managerial positions. She is a certified Mindfulness, NLP and Master Life Coach and she loves working with individuals at all levels. Marie helps Companies and people to grow in their personal and professional life using techniques of HR, NLP, Mindfulness and coaching.

For more information about her HR Consultations, people training and self-empowerment programs, feel free to contact her directly. Her programs are tailored-made based on your business and personal needs. 

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