Work from home and Performance Management

work from home

Today I received a call from a Director of a Company in Cyprus.


He said that some of his employees don’t work properly from home. He mentioned that Team Leaders complain about some of their subordinates as they don’t manage or handle their tasks properly.  He was desperate and he didn’t know how to handle the situation. It’s the first time he faced this issue with employees as the Company never had a work from home policy.

All the internal policies of the Company are still in process while people work from home, so you can act as you were supposed to act in the office. 


How to handle this situation?


  • Arrange a call with the direct manager and ask him/her to give you more information about his performance (e.g. not active in discussions, deadlines are not met, etc). Ask the direct manager to be specific and to give you real facts (e.g. Specific Project not delivered on time, we had a meeting with the whole department and he didn’t show up, he doesn’t reply to the emails on time).
  • Have a discussion with this employee via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype
  • Listen to the employee
  • Ask the employee to improve and give him some guidance and deadline to improve
  • Monitor his performance and In 1-2 week(s) If the employee doesn’t make any improvements, arrange a call and give him a warning letter.
  • If the situation is still the same, you can have another one discussion with the employee. and contact some candidates, in order to arrange interviews with them. All your employees are adults, you don’t have to act as you are their mum or dad. Except of that you need responsible people in your team, not kids, you are not a kindergarten.


You can give the chance to the person to improve with some guidance. The Team Leader plays a vital role in the process as he/she will need to monitor his performance in a daily basis.

This is a challenging situation for employers who never had the opportunity to ask the employees to work from home. On the other hand, employers will identify the employees who really care and work properly. You don’t need employees who don’t respect your business. In addition, it might be the best time to show your appreciation to the employees who work hard and they are still professionals.

Another one suggestion is to introduce 1on1 weekly meetings and surveys with employees. You can discuss about their experience and the challenges they faced the previous week. This is an effective practice and you will realize that communication plays a vital role on the performance of the employees and the positive results you will see on the performance of the business as well.




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